For women ready to put themselves on their to-do list

Because you deserve to feel amazing…

Because you deserve to feel amazing…


You need a step-by-step process and support system that helps you create the body and life you want, one small, simple shift at a time. 



We're talking...

  • Less stress, more peace

  • Less chaos, more ease

  • Less clutter, more clarity

      • Less overwhelm, more focus

      • Less exhaustion, more energy

      • Less distraction, more presence

        You'll learn to live with more flow and ease by aligning to nature’s energy cycles and upgrading your daily routines.


        And discover ancient secrets to supercharge your energy, increase your self-confidence, improve your emotional and physical health, and cultivate balance…  


        Close the gap between what you know is best for you and what you're actually DOING.


        The daily rituals you’ll create in Align & Thrive are some of the simplest and most powerful tools to take your mental and physical wellbeing into your own hands.



        Week 1: Foundations

        Get crystal clear on exactly where you want to be in 6 months and uncover the exact steps to make it happen. Create a compelling vision for your future and learn how to achieve it.

          • Start aligning to what’s most important by solidifying your core values 

          • Find your “why” so you can use it to stick to your aligned-action plan

          • Take yourself through the Before/After process to uncover what has been getting in the way of creating your desired results - and remove it

          • Learn how to generate motivation and commitment so you can consistently show up for yourself day after day 

          • Evolve your identity and embody your future self by showing up as the person you dream of becoming

        Week 2: Plan for Success

        “A goal properly set is halfway reached”.  Discover the science of creating changes that stick. Most people are missing these essential ingredients that MUST be in place to shift your habits and take aligned action on a daily basis.

          • A simple daily practice to access higher order thinking and find creative strategies and solutions.

          • Design an environment that makes willpower unnecessary and new habits easy and automatic.

          • Access high-order thinking to set yourself up for success using a simple habits that replaces willpower.

        Week 3: Earlier Lighter Dinner

        Streamline and simplify your evening mealtimes for more energy, better sleep, balanced hormones and mental clarity.

          • Plan your meals for the week in 5 minutes or less to set yourself up for healthy eating all week long

          • Wake up clearer and lighter with a tiny dinnertime tweak - goodbye brain fog and morning grogginess!

          • Spend less time cooking and more time living with strategies to get dinner on the table faster and easier.

          • An ancient habit to open up space and time for more relaxation, quality time with loved ones and hobbies you've put on the back burner.

          • The missing link to effective weight loss that doesn't require a change in diet

        Week 4: Blissful Bedtimes

        Deep rest is essential for being at your best. “Sleep your way to the top” takes on a whole new meaning 😉

          • Improve the quantity AND quality of your sleep through simple tweaks to your evening routine

          • Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged with essential sleep hygiene habits 

          • Nourish yourself on all levels with short and sweet nightly rituals to replenish and rejuvenate 

          • Set up your zen den with quick changes to architect your bedroom for better sleep

        Week 5: Start the Day Right

        Set yourself up for peak performance using the 3Ms of Magical Mornings.

          • Effortlessly wake up earlier so you have plenty of time for a lovely morning routine that feels less rushed and more organized

          • Ease into your day with spacious mornings that allow plenty of time for reflection and planning to set yourself up for a great day

          • One minute invigorating practices to detox, jumpstart digestion and increase circulation and lymph drainage

          • Hydrate the Ayurvedic way to improve digestion, skin health and slow aging

        Week 6: Master Daily Movement

        Increase energy, focus and productivity by creating a daily exercise habit you can actually stick to.

          • Learn the Less is More approach to fitness that will upgrade your exercise routine to sculpt and tone, increase mobility and flexibility, and improve cardiovascular health

          • Be more focused, clear and invigorated throughout your day with energizing AM practices that only take minutes

          • Feel strong, graceful and confident by making daily exercise your new normal (without dragging yourself to the gym or spending hours doing something you don't enjoy)

          • Learn simple hacks to boost motivation, improve discipline and be more consistent so you can achieve your body goals

        Week 7: Mindful Mornings 

        Daily stress is an inevitable part of our lives, so it’s absolutely crucial that you have daily rituals in place to shift your body out of fight or flight and into rest and relaxation.

          • Soothe your nervous system within minutes with short and sweet calming rituals to ground yourself easily

          • Manifestation journaling prompts to help you turn your impossible dreams into your everyday reality

          • Be more present, improve sleep and make better choices with mindfulness exercises you can use throughout your day

          • Less stress and more joy with 3 simple practices that will change your brain and how you move through your life

        Week 8: Healthier Eating

        Timeless principles that we can use to guide us into nourishing ourselves in the best possible way.

          • Nourish yourself with the best food for YOUR body with healthier eating habits that run on autopilot

          • Achieve your health and weight goals by eliminating emotional and stress eating

          • Better digestion and improved absorption with Ayurvedic secrets that work in minutes

          • Hack your self-sabotaging habits with simple tricks to overcome unhealthy  cravings

          • BONUS: Seasonal eating guides and recipes that are clean and delicious to look and feel amazing

        Week 9: Body Love

        Ancient rituals to cultivate self-love, calm your nervous system and age more gracefully.

          • Strengthen your immune system and improve longevity with one minute tricks to care for and deeply nourish your senses 

          • Ayurvedic beauty care rituals to fall madly in love with yourself daily

          • Natural anti-aging practices for more glowing, smoother and firmer skin

          • Detox your bathroom cabinet and discover simpler and toxin-free ways to love the skin you're in

        Week 10: Easeful Living

        In this final module we bring it all together to make every day a masterpiece. Trust me, you’re about to fall in love with your life.

          • Learn how to say no without guilt, stop people-pleasing and set rock solid boundaries

          • Live life on your terms, doing what matters most and aligning your actions with the life you've always wanted

          • Find your flow and slowly shift your daily tasks to align with your zone of genius

          • Embody the art of easeful living by mastering your daily routine

        "...Dana Skoglund had a different interpretation of it- being honest and clear with ourselves about what we really need. To me it looks like soul searching, making room to pursue the things that call to you and giving yourself space to make mistakes and fail..."

        Katie Nugent

        Align & Thrive Student

        "...I’d recommend this course to anyone who would like to build a better relationship with themselves and shift with little effort into a healthier and easeful life....  Dana is an excellent coach.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this community."

        Elise Dunn

        Yoga Teacher
        Align & Thrive Student

        "...For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all I wanted to be, do and change. The golden nugget for me was that change happens one little step at a time.  Knowing this has opened up my entire life from the seat of 'possible'..."

        Grace Edison

        Business Owner
        Align & Thrive Student

        "My habits have shifted. My routine sets me up for an easeful day. I feel present and unattached to what is going on around me and feel incredibly clear and present. I have more energy and am more aware of what my body needs..."

        Denise Dillon

        Align & Thrive Student

        "Align and Thrive isn’t only for people who love yoga or who have lots of time to work on themselves - it’s for them sure, but it’s the busy, the overtired, the cranky, the can’t stop people who should consider joining! This is for self care, self love and better health."

        Jade Jagger

        Family Physician
        Align & Thrive Student

        "I have realized that nothing is more important than self care. My vision is shifting and clarifying, and things that don’t serve that higher purpose are falling away as things that do support it are becoming more urgent."

        Carol Domanko

        Yoga Teacher
        Align & Thrive Student

        LET'S TALK

        MY STORY

        Dana Skoglund

        Too many of us are burning out before we get a chance to truly shine, so I've become a little obsessed with helping women transform their lives and become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. I’ve dedicated the last 10 years to uncovering what works so I can share it with women who are ready to say “yes” to themselves.


        It PAINS me to see women give up and settle for less than they are capable of. It’s my personal mission to help women learn to prioritize self care, make themselves happy and take a stand for their dreams. 


        The world needs more women who are glowing examples of what’s possible. 

        Still have questions?

        Here are a few answers to the most common questions

        I don’t have time. My schedule is already full. What's the weekly time investment?

        I have too many responsibilities, this feels self-indulgent and I feel guilty focusing on myself. How do I justify this?

        What if I don't feel ready?

        How will I make changes without disturbing my family rhythm? What if my husband or other family members aren't on board?

        I know I’m the only thing standing in my way, how do I get myself to stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging?

        I've never been able to stick with change in the past. Why would this be an different?

        What if it's not for me?

        So, what exactly do I get when I enroll today?



        Real healing happens within a community. Studies show you’re 85% more likely to be successful at lasting changes when you HAVE accountability, peer support and are surrounded by like-minded peers.


        Together, we’ll work step-by-step, using proven behavioral change strategies to optimize your mental and physical health and wellness. 


        Don't waste another moment of your precious life feeling anything less than stellar. 


        You're just a few clicks away from a:






        I look forward to welcoming you inside our thriving community and supporting you to become the best version of yourself!

        LET'S TALK

         Words cannot express what Dana gifted me in Align and Thrive, but I will try! After years of pushing through fatigue and in the name of “getting it done,” I found something I lost: my body’s voice. It was loud - very loud - but I ignored it because I felt that I didn't have time to listen. Not anymore. The concepts we focused on in Align and Thrive helped me slow down, listen, and put my body and mind first so I can give more than ever before. Thanks to Dana, I found my way out of a lifelong cycle of punishment and recuperation, and I can never be more thankful.

        Kari Wright

        Dana Skoglund’s Align & Thrive program has been life changing for me in the way it has created a major shift in my daily habits and my overall awareness in my daily choices. I was able to discover my true core values with assistance through the program which helps me make the best choices that align with my values. I am now able to sleep through the night without sleep aides, have decreased anxiety, and notice significant increased energy throughout the day. It has been so monumental in improving my overall health. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve self-care and become the best version of yourself.

        Kim Hansen

        When I first talked to Dana, I was in a very disorganized and chaotic state. I was chasing myself from one day to the next and making no headway in my life. Even worse, I had lost the priority of making time for myself and the things that were important to me. Because of the course, I have rediscovered my creative self and made solid advances in establishing structure in my own life as well as that of my family. I feel much calmer and have a truly positive outlook on where my life is going. This course is truly life saving!!


        Shauna Kelly

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